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Sokaisi is a fascinating new Energy Work system developed recently by Armand Kosu (Armand-Manuel Ratundu) of Romania. Sokaisi differs from Reiki in having no hands-on techniques, and like the newer, more advanced forms of Reiki (Kundalini, Gold, New Usui), it uses no symbols. Interestingly, it is one of the few systems in which one sort of attunes one's self.

The system is divided into three basic parts: Koso Rays (the basis of the system), Sokaisi itself, and the Kofu Initiation. There are also two more advanced, optional additions to these, Christic Force and Vril Force. 

Armand shares many of my criticisms of and concerns about "Traditional" Reiki and it seems that Sokaisi is his attempt to restart Reiki's original mission with a clean slate.

While the complication of the system and number of attunements seems daunting (there are 9 Koso Rays and 14 Sokaisi Energies), the entirely mental techniques of application are so simple as to make them hard to grasp or for that matter, believe. Interestingly, Armand hints at the tantalizing possibility that these same techniques will work with Reiki!

Sokaisi may not be for everyone. Armand cites mastery of three Reiki or Reiki-type systems as a general prerequisite, and even goes as far as to state that without this or similar experience, the attunements simply won't take.

On the upside, Sokaisi is almost an "open source" system; Armand forbids charging money for its distribution and practice. But he similarly forbids anyone changing or tampering with the system, and after checking out John Shaw's bizarre site, I can see why.

The following pages briefly discuss the different levels of the Sokaisi system. Sources for the manuals can be found on the links page.

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